This morning, the Valencian parties have demonstrated their opposition to the hostile takeover bid that BBVA has proposed for Banco Sabadell, with its headquarters in Alicante. PSPV and Compromís have joined the criticism that the Valencian president, Carlos Mazón, has been making since day one – who a few days ago complained about the silence of the opposition, a silence that the left denies – and have denounced the negative consequences that the absorption would have in Valencian lands: loss of jobs, closure of offices and departure of the corporate headquarters.

Furthermore, the PSPV ombudsman, José Muñoz, has responded to Mazón – “now he defends Sabadell because they burned the CAM” – and has refused to receive lessons from those who squandered the Valencian financial system. Muñoz has described as “shocking” that the president of the Generalitat talks about the Valencian financial system when “the PP ruined” in the 2000s. “They do not have any type of credibility,” he indicated and then denounced the “unbearable ambiguity.” ” about this from the leader of the PP, Alberto Nuñez Feijóo. A position that Muñoz has confronted with the “opposition of the Spanish government.”

For his part, the Ombudsman of Compromís, Joan Baldoví, has indicated that his group is going to present an initiative in Les Corts so that the Ministry of Finance can prepare a report on the effects that the takeover bid would have on the Valencian economy. Baldoví has ​​indicated that his parliamentary group wants the government to “stop” the takeover bid and for the Consell to promote its own financial system.

Who, once again, did not get so wet, was the Vox spokesperson, José María Llanos, who has assured that we must always “be alert to concentrations of power” both at the political, media, and banking levels. However, he wanted to show “prudence” because although he assumes that this concentration of financial power can harm citizens, he is “stuck” by the “furious” opposition of the Government and the left to this takeover bid. Why? The media has asked him, “because everything Sánchez does scares me,” Llanos responded.