the UNITED states and China on Wednesday signed a phase 1 agreement at a ceremony in The White House. The two countries agreed on the agreement in december.

It is the us president, Donald Trump, and China’s vice-premier, Liu He, who signed the agreement.

Although there are now signatures on the paper, it does not mean that handelskrigen between the world’s two largest economies is over.

A phase 2 agreement is on the drawing board, and the negotiations will, according to Donald Trump to start soon. He does not expect that it will be necessary, with a third lot.

Among the items in the first part of the agreement is, according to the news agency Reuters, that China is going to increase the purchase of american products by about 200 billion u.s. dollars – 1340 billion – over two years.

It applies, among other things, agricultural products, aircraft, steel and energy.

On the other hand, the UNITED states will halve some of the tariffs on chinese goods, which are already in place or have been planned.

Handelskrigen bread officially out in the summer of 2018, when the UNITED states and China put extra duties on each other’s goods, but the area has been a theme in all of Donald Trumps office.

Donald Trump has been unhappy that the UNITED states has a large trade deficit to China.

It will say that the UNITED states imports far more goods from China than are being sent the other way.

Donald Trump believes that it has sent thousands of american jobs to China.