The best american baseball league (MLB) has got its first female coach.

Alyssa’s Neck, wrote the Thursday story, when she was appointed to be assistant coach for the San Francisco Giants’ new coach, Gabe Kepler.

This writes the american sportsmedie ESPN.

Alyssa is the Neck is a former softballspiller for Sacremento State. In Giants, she must improve the players performance and strength atomsfæren, says Gabe Kapler.

– Quite basic I think, that she will be a great coach.

– Merit and the ability to be a great coach trumps everything else, ” says Gabe Kepler Thursday to ESPN.

in addition to a great career as a softballspiller have Alyssa back of the Neck with a master’s degree in sportsledelse.

Alyssa is a highly respected member of the organization and will now focus his talent to help build a winner culture of the club, says Gabe Kepler.

In the best american basketball league, the NBA, came in 2018, two female the.

the Same year was Katie Sowers angrebsassistenttræner in the best american football league, NFL, team San Francisco 49ers.

In 2014 was French Corinne Diacre hired as head coach of Clermont in the second herrerække, Ligue 2.

Thus, she became the first female coach of a professional men’s teams in football ever.

Heidi Johansen was according to the DR the first female football coach on a Danish professional men’s teams, since she started as a goalkeeping coach with 1. denmark HB Køge 1. January 2019.

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