For almost half a year ago you could ‘Love Island’-winner Oliver Erngart tell me that he had found love.

He told, that he have met her boyfriend Anna Maria Seneca through a common buddy in the gym, but it turned out that Anna and Oliver had met each other during filming for the current season ‘Paradise Hotel’.

While Anna is a part of the startcastet, Czech Oliver namely the later, and love has flourished between them ever since.

the Pair have lived together since the end of July in Anna’s studiebolig in Roskilde, but before long they are ready to jump into a new housing project together:

– We are waiting to get our new apartment here in march. It is located in K√łge. There you can get a lot for the money, and we get a new, big apartment with space for us and all of it, explains Anna for the Extra Magazine.

Danish celebrity – 13. jan. 2020 – pm. 17:35 Surprises: Single again

Anna and Oliver told already to snigpremieren on the ‘Paradise’ that they are ready to be parents together in the near future. Photo: Jonas Olufson.

– So we have the space, if that comes familiefamiliefor√łgelse. So we must not think of moving to the time, which is very nice. So so far we get just an office, until it happens, ” continues Oliver, while Anna adds:

– I’m not pregnant right now, but it happens when it happens.

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