Go and waiting for Peter Sommer enters tranquil oasis in the character and finally make a Danish masterpiece, you are going to wait a bit yet.

one and a Half decade after the Summer’s promising, and subtly groping solodebut is ’Strong currents over the uneven bottom,’ nor do the firm classic, you now may doubt whether the poet has in him.

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the Songwriter from Linköping have written her new songs before – in the better editions. Many times. There is nothing new under the sun. Or the moon.

The subtle rock star lights up in short bursts of subdued roaring ’Let me leave you before you leave me’ and the quirky ’the Darkness trumfes by Palle Hjorth’, which is reminiscent of a kind of tribute to The Savage Rose.

’King jack’ is dangerously akin to the TV-2, but it is as C. V. Jørgensen’s successor, the Summer stands at the front of the queue. He just come out nowhere this time. On the contrary.

’Strong currents over the uneven bottom of the’ miss crucial ideas and innovation, and in collaboration with his longtime backing band, the Beggars, go just once backwards in comparison to the more subversive predecessor, ’Loved to dream, dream of love’.

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Unresolved rocking ’Extensive imagination’ will for a little bit. Added sportsjargon is ’and so Forth’ almost plat. It is just not good enough.

It was now, Summer should have made his strongest album. Instead, he has made it weaker, since he came sideways out of the starting blocks.

the Cover for Peter Sommer’s current ‘Strong currents over the uneven bottom’, which is his sixth studio album in his own name.