Ekstra fodboldkommentator Stig Tøfting promised in his søndagsklumme, he would go to Herning on Sunday, if FC Midtjylland win in Brøndby. And it came to pass, as I said, with a 2-1 victory over the blue-and-yellow.

Now 50-year-old Tøfting make themselves ready for a walk in the vicinity of 90 km on Sunday, when titelbejlerne from the FCM ends the autumn of hjemmekampen against AGF.

I stand by what I have written. Now I am going to Herning, says Stig Tøfting immediately after FC Midtjylland won 2-1 against Brondby.

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Tøfting so from the nearest team at the Brøndby Stadium, because he was ekspertkommentator on the fight.

– Now I need to find out where I can go. I know the only motorway from Herning. I have always only run the trip in the car, says Stig Tøfting, who will not reveal his detailed plans for next Sunday’s long walk.

But with seven kilometers in the cut, the tour will then take almost 13 hours. Then Tøfting going home Aarhus before five on Sunday morning, if he is to reach the kick-off of the at.18.00 in Herning.

Maybe Chug other cunning plans for his walking trip from Aarhus to Herning.

Stig Tøfting, who is seen here at his 50th birthday in august, must now go from Aarhus to Herning on Sunday, because the FCM won Sunday’s showdown against Brøndby. – I stand by my word, and shall probably go, says Stig Tøfting. Photo: Claus Bonnerup.

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