rap-star Nicki Minaj must do without his brother in the coming many years.

It is clear, after which Monday fell judgment in a case concerning the rape of a minor, which means that Jelani Maraj, 41, at minimum, must spend the next 25 years in prison.

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Several international media such as the news agency AP from the right on the Long Island, New York, has been able to tell how he was convicted of repeatedly raping his 11-year-old bonusdatter, while her mother was at work.

He was declared guilty already in 2017.

Here is Carol Minaj, the mother of Jelani Maraj and Nicki Minaj, leave the courthouse together with the son’s attorney. Photo: Frank Eltman/Ritzau Scanpix

Nicki Minaj tried at that time to appeal to the judge in the case at the in a statement, as Jelani Marajs lawyer read out, to call his brother for ‘the most patient, gentle, genuine, giving and selfless man I know’.

In court, however, there was no mercy, and the judge concluded by the sentence that ‘you destroyed this child’.

– You raped this child. You raped her again and again, concluded the judge, according to the Daily Mail.

He is also convicted of having placed a child in danger.

Jelani Maraj at his arrest in december 2015. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

In the court stood the now 14-year-old girl back and explained how the events took place as often as four times a week and sometimes two times a day. They began in april 2015, and stopped first in november of the same year. The many abuses led to the fact that she lost the desire to live.

I didn’t think I could cope with me through the day without an anxiety attack, she explained.

I did not feel that I had a voice.

Maraj also commented in court, where he apologised, though he has previously expressed his innocence.

– I would like to apologize for the pain I have caused. I had a serious drinking problem, he said, and prayed for mercy.

According to his lawyer, the decision will be appealed.