The swiss tennis champion Roger Federer has won the Australian Open six times, and hopes of a seventh title in 2020 is yet alive.

the 38-year-old Federer was otherwise in the tremendous problems in the quarterfinals against the american Tennys Sandgren on Tuesday morning Danish time.

Sandgren had seven matchbolde, but Federer saved them all and won 6-3, 2-6, 2-6, 7-6, 6-3.

That can wait a hell of a semi final between two of the world’s three best players, if Novak Djokovic manages to defeat Milos Becker later Tuesday.

In the first place should storfavoritten Federer even defeat Sandgren, as he had not previously faced on a tennis court.

Although the 28-year-old american just is number 100 on the world rankings, he has the habit to do well in the Australian Open. He reached the quarterfinals in 2018 and were stranded, so in the same place in years.

Federer came on schedule from the start, when he broke his american opponent to 4-2 in the first set and closed it at the first sætbold.

But Sandgren is apparently not the type who lets himself shake. He opened the second set by grabbing the first three lots on superior show and made not a single breakbold, before the second set was definitely.

Sandgren, who only have a single ATP title on the cv in the single, continuing the style and took the third set, before a true drama unfolded in the fourth.

Federer struggled to live up to favoritværdigheden, but it was uphill against Sandgren, who put schweizeren under pressure.

in Front 5-4 played the american to three matchbolde, but Federer kept calm and spill at 5-5.

a Little later in the tiebreaken then it again black out for Federer, as Sandgren worked himself up to four new matchbolde, but Federer pulled storspillet forward each time.

instead, he pitched himself to, when he got the chance, and so was the fight in the fifth set.

After the seven abused matchbolde had Sandgren lost a little spark, and at the same time played a Federer full of confidence all the way out to the lines.

Federer closed the set without any big problems and was ready for the semifinals.

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