Fired in three clubs, escape from the police and a sea of disciplinary issues.

the 30-year-old Kenny Edwards is a controversial figure in the rugby environment, but the new zealander has also had his to fight with, it seems.

Shortly after having scored a contract with the Huddersfield Giants in Super League reveals Edwards, he has been an alcoholic since he was 12 years old. 12 years!

– I was an alcoholic and partied when I was 12, but the sad thing is, that it is not abnormal in New Zealand, says the claim from Edwards.

– Drugs, alcohol, and abuse are a big part of the culture in New Zealand. I come from a broken home and had no father, but I don’t use it as an excuse, he says, according to the English Mirror.

Kenny Edwards has a past in the best australian rugbyliga NRL, where he managed to be fired in both Manly, St George Illawarra and Parramatta due to disciplinary problems. He denies that he has played games full or with a hangover, because it was too demanding both physically and mentally.

– But if we played Thursday night, I drank until we trained again on Monday. I can’t remember a weekend where I haven’t been full since I was 12, it sounds.

nine months ago, however, it was over. Kenny Edwards dropped the alcohol and call it the best decision in his life. A decision, he took too late.

– I just wish I had done it ten years ago, he says.

When Kenny Edwards mentions his upbringing in a broken home, it is not any exaggeration. He has seen his father be violent with his mother and has even seen his mother try to take the life of themselves.

growing up in stark contrast to his current situation where he can look forward to a few debut for his new club on 1. February.

– I enjoy my life more now than I ever have done. No party is better than the life I have now, he says.

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