In Kentucky the christian private school Whitefield Academy decided to expel 15-year-old Kayla Alford for the way she celebrated her 15th birthday on.

It writes a number of u.s. media, including ABC News.

On Facebook put Kaylas mother, Kimberly, namely a photo of his daughter wearing a shirt with the rainbow pattern sitting by a cake that was decorated in all sorts of colors.

the Article continues under the picture…

In the last week received Kimberly Alford a letter from the school saying, that Kayla was no longer a student at the school.

– When I called to the principal afterwards to discuss it with him, I became emotional, telling the mother of the american media.

– He told me that the shirt and the cake just represented Gay Pride. When you saw the cake, you should have rejected it, she adds.

Kimberly has the suspicion that someone has sent the picture to school, but that it was not supposed to represent LGBTQ-pride, even if her daughter likes all kinds of people.

the School defends itself with, according to them was not the first time, Kayla had broken with the code of conduct for students at the school, but that she repeatedly over the last two years has done just that.

– Whitefield Academy is a christian based school with a 43-year-long tradition of educating students in christian values, write the school to ABC News.

– It by all the parents, if the students are being written up to the school, write the also.

Kimberly Alford admits, however, that her daughter has had difficulty adapting to the strict rules at the school.

Among other things, she was punished for having an e-cigarette in school.

– She feel doomed, says the mother.

– It hurts me, because I don’t want her to grow up and believe that there is something wrong with her, just because she goes a bit its own way.

Alford-family has tried to get the school to change his mind without success.

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