We know, majestic plural, to recognize a good idea where we see it, and when @GonzaloNez19 tweets that “Clarisses Cismátiques is a good name for a girl band”, we applaud him, that these particular Clarisses lack background. To those of Pedralbes, on the other hand, we do pay tribute to them: the mayor Collboni went to ask them to pray for it to rain and it is raining, it is true that with enough delay for us to realize that we cannot, majestic plural referring to the Generalitat etc., depend (only) on their prayers.

The smiling photographs of the sisters have turned the X network upside down, filling the void left by regulars of the house, whose silence until the closing of these lines has also been a trend this week. But let’s go back to the nuns, who, as @siamanece and the rest of the world’s media say, “never stop making headlines”, and this, amidst the pile of electoral processes, has merit.

Perhaps the overdose of campaigns is starting to affect us, because we see that the schismatic Clares and the political world have much more in common than meets the eye. For example, when the diocese of Vitoria points out the abbess Sister Isabel, one of the rebels: “She wants to perpetuate herself in power because her mandate is 12 years old and she can’t be there any longer”. To perpetuate oneself in power, of which it sounds to us.

And the thing about I’m leaving but I’m not leaving? If they replace Church with… This. The fact that there seems to be a real estate transaction at the back of this wild story also helps to unite both areas in their human/worldly aspects. “How is a convent assessed? Like an economic exploitation?” asks @dgllana. No idea, we’ve been caught falsely. Open a thread, if you know.

A couple of videos are circulating in which the sisters’ workshop looks like a MasterChef set. What if all of this is actually a marketing campaign to sell candy? Pestinjos, Hail Marys, flamets and nougats, although at the moment what is winning are the biscuits, the ecclesiastics (figuratively).

Then we find the various comments on the networks, some well-intentioned, we think: “And why are they rebelling by following a guy, a fake bishop? Free yourself from a misogynist and sexist structure to follow another guy? What a disappointment”. Off topic, @Larili_R, but thanks. When @Josete_Picabea turns them into an episode of La guerra de les galáxies, we understand that the time has come to change trending.