the 22-year-old Caroline Godrim and 25-year-old Mathias Severinsen, who found love in realityprogrammet ‘Ex on the Beach’, was the parents of a little son at the beginning of november.

It was five weeks before terminsdatoen 15. december, but little Oliver would not be inside the abdomen longer, even though he only weighed 2194 grams and was 47 centimeters long.

Now is the first month gone as new parents, and thankfully, it goes beyond all expectations.

– It started out pretty hectic, because we just thought we were going for a check-up at the hospital, and suddenly I had food. There were many things we needed to do ready, because he came so much before time. Among other things, such a thing as a baby monitor, and we had not packed hospitalstasken. Mathias was obliged to run home for some of our stuff, when I had born when we nothing had with, tells Caroline to Ekstra Bladet.

Little Oliver is already been shown off to many family members and friends. Private.

– Now that the fall is more calm, and it goes really well. We were admitted to the 12 days, because it went so well with him, but we had been told that we should be hospitalized until terminsdatoen 15. december, so it was actually not very long, we ended up being there. I think it was a little too early, because he was still so small, when we came out, but Mathias was very glad for it. After we got home, and I just got used to being there, it was also great to be in the familiar surroundings, she continues.

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‘Ex on the Beach’-the pair have previously told Extra Bladet, the pregnancy was not planned, but very welcome. Yet the couple felt well-prepared for their new role.

– There is not really something that has come up behind me, so we have been ready for the task. The only thing that has surprised me, is that I can breastfeed. I know that people with silicone implants may have challenges, but I haven’t had. I’m producing plenty of milk, so it is the fat, says Caroline, who is alone with Oliver every day, when Mathias goes to work and does not have a maternity.

– I think it goes really well with to be at home with him. In the beginning he slept very much, and then he had a period where he has lain awake all night. Of course, it is quite hard to not get his sleep, but that is just the way it is. Now he has learned to use his pacifier, so it’s easier now, she continues and adds:

– Actually, it is not as hard as I had expected, to have a child. Well, of course it is hard, but I think it goes really well. But of course I have also worked in BabySam, so I’m quite well equipped.

Oliver now weighs about three and a half pounds, so he takes really nice on and feel good.

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