Things are not just black-and-white, when that is being discussed tvangsfjernelser of children.

this is Why a testimony and the invitation to help with the preparation of the ‘Child Law’, as the 25-year-old Zandra Berthelsen has come up with, a great help, says the country’s prime minister.

– There are plenty of difficult dilemmas when we are discussing the forced removal of children. And I am so grateful for all of the children and young people in the last weeks has been going back and have shared their story with us all. It is invaluable input for the government’s work to create a country where we are always on the children’s side, says Mette Frederiksen – via a press officer in an email to Ekstra Bladet.

Friday brought Extra Magazine a letter from the girl from Tøndersagen, Zandra Berthelsen, prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, in which she tried to cry out, sounding the alarm over the tvangsfjernelser and adoptions, as the prime minister promises more of the. The letter has the prime minister now answered Zandra Berthelsen personally.

See the prime minister’s letter to the Tønderpigen

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Zandra became nationally known in 2005, when her childhood hit all the front pages and sendeflader.

since then she has been the girl from ‘Tøndersagen’.

Her, who was sexually abused by his father.

the Girl, who – at his parents ‘ request, was rented out as a sexslave for horny, adult men.

And who, in spite of several notifications to the municipality – was first tvangsfjernet from home when her parents were arrested and imprisoned for the crimes against her.

in addition to being pleased to have got answers, Zandra Berthelsen not very impressed by Mette Frederiksen’s reply to her letter.

– I can well understand why you (Mette Frederiksen, eds.) similar, as you do. You haven’t tried anbringelsessystemet, as you the legislature around, on your own body.

– Thank you for giving time to answer anyway. One thing puzzles me however:why is your interest in anbragtes terms are not greater than what you expressed in the letter?

– It amazes me also, that my proposal to meet up for a cup of coffee not being commented on. My offer still stands by the power, if she was going to change his mind, stresses Zandra Berthelsen, to which the prime minister’s office press officer points out, that Mette Frederiksen has not commented on the invitation, because it was Zandras letter to her, but ‘just’ was an opinion, Zandra has come up with, in the Extra Leaf.

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– It will perhaps surprise many, that you do not think that the more and earlier tvangsfjernelser and tvangsadoptioner is a good thing?

– I do not think that tvangsfjernelser only good. Personally I got the worse of it – and I would without a doubt be removed, says Zandra Berthelsen, Extra Magazine, and continues:

– But it is a problem that too many of them, that have been removed, should not have been removed. So, for everything in the world I want, that you as the government really considering what it is for a law they sit and are about to make.

About Mette Frederiksen wants Zandras help to the law, commenting she doesn’t, but:

– Zandra Berthelsens history has made indelible impression on me – and a great many other danes.

– She has had a childhood marked by terrible abuse from the adults who have to take care of her. And she has been let down by us as a society.

– We must do better. We must give everyone the best possible start in life. We do not do today. We can not be aware of, says the prime minister’s office.

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Child’s Law:

Track 1: More previous placements and better quality

Too many children are being placed too late.

Despite several years of working to promote the use of adoptions without consent in order to ensure stability in the upbringing of disadvantaged children and young people is the number of adoptions without the consent remains low.

More must be placed earlier. Foster homes must be equipped better for the job. Better quality in institutions and shelters.

Track 2: the Child’s voice

the Government wants a fundamental change in the approach on the field, so it is considered that the child is in its own right. F. ex. a right to say no to visitation and contact with the biological parents.

Track 3: Transition to adult life

the Government will facilitate the transition to adulthood for foster youth.

Structural measures

the Economy may not be crucial for a child to be placed: Increased reimbursement for each municipality in very expensive cases, as well as the possibility of summing the costs of all children in a family to one refusionssag.

Child’s Law: A brand-new law regarding. vulnerable children and young people. The law should bl.a. specifically, include the following elements:

Placement outside the home should not be a last resort.

the Child the right to say, from the face of the parents.

Showdown with stigmatizing and wrong concepts in the legislation.

Foster children should be more easily able to be adopted by their foster family.

Source: prime minister’s office.