It has cost the Danish society approximately 114 million. kr. this year alone, to members of the firm – with Rasmus Paludan in the lead – has been able to say what they want and where they want and live a protected life in spite of threats.

It shows a statement from the national Police, as justice minister Nick Hækkerup (S) has sent to the Parliamentary legal affairs Committee.

‘Police estimate, with uncertainty, that the police in 2019 up to and including the 28. november total spent approx. Eur 114 million. kr. on the protection of Rasmus Paludan, as well as members and people linked to the firm’, informs the Police in a response to the Parliamentary Committee on legal affairs.

the Statement covers, among other things, over the pay to the officers including the addition of evening-, night – and weekend-service. Overtime work is not, however, spoken with, so it must be added to the 114 million. kr.

‘Immediately, it estimated that costs for overtime is approx. Eur 46 million. kr. for action’, writes the national Police for the period 1. January 2019 – 5. June 2019.

Thus a total bill so far in the year end of eur 160 million. kr. in order to protect the Rasmus Paludan and Tight Course.

The conservatives værdiordfører, Naser Khader, thinks that the Rasmus Paludan is allowed to screw down a little for the ghetto-the visits, because the police are pressured enough as it is.

– He must be protected, so his everyday work, but it is a lot of money to throw after his circus. He does not need to constantly seek out trouble, says Naser Khader.

The conservative værdiordfører believe that most danes know well that there are ‘problems with the integration, extremism and criminal thugs in the ghetto areas’. It doesn Rasmus Paludan not take out and show us, sounds it.

I fail even to get in Vollsmose and Nørrebro, though I must, because it will cost the police so much. We need to combat the problems of ghetto areas more seriously, says Naser Khader.

Rasmus Paludan has held several demonstrations during the year. It often takes place by, he stands up – typically near an exposed residential area, and throws with the Koran and speak condescendingly about muslims.

14. april gave very much trouble, when Rasmus Paludan demonstrated on Blågårds Plads on Nørrebro in Copenhagen. Opponents tried after a few minutes to throw Rasmus Paludan, who was escorted away.

the Government decided in september with support from the Danish Parliament to provide the police more than 130 million. kr. extra in 2019. The so-called merbevilling have the protection of the firm, however, eaten up, if you only compare the amounts.

Justice minister Nick Hækkerup (S) also believe that police resources could be spent on better things.

‘I so like that the police could have used those resources on other tasks. Not least in the light of the current situation,where the police already have a hard time of it’, writes the minister of justice to the Danish parliament’s legal affairs Committee.

However, the police have to provide security, stresses Nick Hækkerup, in order to protect the right of citizens to assemble and express themselves.

‘Therefore the entry of the police, of course, when there is a need for it’, explains the minister of justice in writing.

Claus Oxfeldt, the chairman of the Politiforbundet, has previously said that he is not surprised by the police, the high costs associated with paludan’s demonstrations.

– It was also why I earlier made the point about you perhaps not here to talk about an abuse of its freedom of expression, or have studied it, said Claus Oxfeldt to Ritzau in may.

Extra Magazine trying to get a comment from the firm and Rasmus Paludan.