A south african man moved out in the fierce icelandic storm that struck the Reykjavik 13. december.

the Man, Damion Devlin, illustrates in the video is very clear how powerful the storm really was. With wind gusts up to 240 km/h. he tried to go against the wind, while his girlfriend filmed him.

As seen on the video, it is something of a struggle, the south african man venturing into, as he has extremely difficult to come forward in the strong wind.

To the end of the clip, release the forces up, and the wind blows him back with tremendous force, so he has difficulty to stay on his feet.

See the fast-paced clips over the article.

Surpasses extremely Danish weather
For comparison, in Denmark during the oktoberstormen, which was named the ‘Allan’, in 2013 measured gusts up to 192 miles per hour at Kegnæs Lighthouse.

we Go even further back to the decemberorkanen that hit Denmark 3. december 1999, was the strongest gust of wind measured at 213 km/h., shows the data from DMI.

the Storm in Iceland, as Damion Devlin fought against, surpassed thus the two most windy days, which are measured in Denmark.