ever since the east Jutland Police released the picture of the two children who were found left on Park Allé in Aarhus, the police has been laid down by requests from the public.

It writes to police on Facebook.

‘ We have been almost bestormet with calls – both with tips and with caring suggestions in relation to the children. We simply can’t keep up with the phones and have the pt needs a little working to pursue some of the clues we have to go after’, writes the police in a lookup.

It was 56-year-old Claus Vitved, who took the children left on Park Avenue, where he was concerned for the two children who stood very close to the side of the road in the congested street.

After a half hour he contacted the police. Since then, the police have investigated the restaurants in the vicinity, and reviewing large amounts of surveillance footages.

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The survivors ‘ children is a girl of about a year and a boy of about two and a half years.

Neither the children’s ethnicity or identity has been identified.

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the Boy of about two and a half years also has black hair. He was wearing green boots, burgundy pants and dark jacket.

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the Girl was wearing black boots, blue jeans, blue jacket with small white dots and a blue hue.

This suggests that the children’s parents are not Danish, to the oldest of the children speak a language the police officers do not understand. The youngest can’t talk yet.

the Children are in the social authorities ‘ custody.

‘the Kids still have it good, and that should probably be taken loving care of them’, writes to police on Facebook.

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