the Mullet joins a club in the sense that when the Ajax Copenhagen sports high school (EARS) open for the summer, so will be the rapfodede playmaker from Nykøbing Falster, one of the main attractions.

Kristina Kristiansen has the club been allowed to teach the young copenhagen håndboldtalenter two times a week.

– I love to be with to start something. That’s how it was in its time in Holstebro, this was how it was in Nykøbing Falster, and now it’s really exciting to start it here along with all the others and see what it can become. It is just me!

Daniel Svensson is at the side of the eksperttjansen on TV2 director at Ajax Copenhagen. The club will, in cooperation with the Copenhagen Open Gymnasium and others, the partners open a quote, then the capital håndboldtalenter can be in Copenhagen rather than having to ’escape’ to the island of Funen and Jutland, where the sports schools and colleges sucking the talent pool to themselves and the clubs.

– In my class, way back in 2003 nibbled GOG the six best. Since then, the talent horizontally from Copenhagen and Zealand to the west. Now, we lay the first cornerstone, so the talent pool can be in Copenhagen, says Daniel Svensson.

In the first place opens the EARS of corn for handball, basketball and e-sports. Mathias Albrektsen, who is assistant coach at both the U19-national team as in the GOG, must in summer be the head coach of Ajax’ 1. divisionshold and draw in the handball-educational threads on AKS.

– We aim to open a class with 30, and put on from year to year, so next season is 60, 90, and so on. The ambitions are big, ” says Daniel Svensson, who also has a plan in the slightly longer term to lead Ajax’ men’s teams up in the league.

the Mullet has previously coached a U16 team in the TTH Holstebro and is looking forward to bully the young Danish talents from the coming summer. Photo: Lars Poulsen

the Mullet have already put my hair up in a teacher-tuber and is ready to share good food, when the first team starts håndboldundervisningen in the Valby Hall after the summer break. NFH trainer in advance several times a week in the Hafnia-Hall next door.

– It was important that the Station be able to say good for it. It is timed and organized and fits so well. I come here on Monday and Thursday morning real, and then we take it from there. The more I can be here, the better. How I see it. I and the players have to learn to know each other, ” says Kristina Kristiansen.

She is looking forward to blow the whistle and shout: RUN!

– I coached a U16 team, when I was in Holstebro. It’s great to give something of themselves, and now I have been with for many years now and know what you can and can’t. It’s gonna be good, ” says Mulle.

it Is something you will do after his career?

– Maybe. I know what I like, and it is very much about children and about to be able to be there for people, to give something from himself, play, learn and be happy. Now we start here, and it goes well, it may as well be, it is what I am doing for the rest of my life. I take it quietly.

How long are you playing?

– I don’t bother any more – or someone does not want me more. You should rejoice for it when you get up in the morning. You must thought, it’s fat. This is how I have it, so I hope I can be at in many years.

the Contract in NFH runs forecast to 2022.

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