Ekstra Bladet has spoken with the minister for employment Peter Hummelgaard (S) on the criticism of the COOP’s and Salling Group’s use of in-company training. And he is critical of the way the system today is administered on.

– I think that companies that take available into the internship, is to take a social responsibility, but then there’s the other part of it, says the minister of employment.

– I’ve also both heard and read about companies that use practices systematically and abuse of the schemes. It is certain types of companies, and it is of course not acceptable.

– Therefore, we may change the rules from 1. January, so it will be clarified what the purpose of an internship is. It will reduce the risk that companies may abuse the system in the future.

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Poul Madsen, executive editor-in-chief

NyDanmark – 16. dec. 2019 – at. 12:31 the Unemployed working for free in your supermarket

– You regard it as abuse, when COOP and Salling Group takes many interns in?

– Not necessarily, but it is abuse if you can see that there is a systematic approach in that it takes many interns into, without it leading to ordinary løntimer. And it is something you have seen in this case.

the Companies deny that there is abuse, but it amazes me that many municipalities have made special agreements with the two companies about the internship, as experts point out does not work. What are you thinking?

– It is exactly not supposed to happen. And it is precisely for this reason, we sharpen the rules.

NyDanmark – 15. dec. 2019 – at. 11:50 Company would rather have Lisa than Aya

– Should I understand it as if you share HP’s view of the COOP and the Salling Group’s way of using interns in the not is in order?

– Without going into the specifics of two specific companies, I share HP’s criticism of the fact that you can see that some virksomhedspraktikker not in accordance with the purpose.

– You are thinking that there is talk about free labour?

– Yes, and where it leads to a few løntimer.

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COOP: A piece of social work

Ekstra Bladet has spoken with the director of information Jens Juul Nielsen in the COOP on the general criticism.

– the Criticism is completely misguided. This is an effort we are proud of. We help people to gain a foothold in the labour market, he says.

– When you have not been in the job for many years, one needs to gain experience, and here we come into the picture. It is not people we would hire for the normal salary. It is not cheap labour or something, we earn money on. It is a satisfactory piece of social work.

– Otherwise it could not be done. As existed it is not.

– you may say, but it is not because we earn money on it. We see it as an effort to help people check on

– How we see it not at all.

– of course, There is someone who would like to be free of job training, but I think we do, we should do.

Salling Group: Municipalities presses on the

At the Salling Group has one just like in the COOP hard to recognize the criticism.

– When we stand as one of the largest purchasers of virksomhedspraktikanter, it is because we are a large, nationwide, company with many retailers manage, says Anette Vittrup, who is the hr senior partner in the diversity in the Salling Group.

– It is here to call it abuse … I understand so well what HP will with it. They would like to focus on this area, and it is fair enough, but to call it abuse is wrong, notes the Christian Vittrup.

Abuse is when you do something, you are not allowed to, but we adhere to all the rules in this area. So if you want to have changed the rules, so you have to go to politicians instead of to hang the companies out, she says.

– It would surprise me if there was anyone who was dissatisfied. But it is not what we hear the most of.

– It is rare, we find that they are angry at us – so is it the system, they are sour, because they are tired of several practices, or people who are tired of the internship in order to be admitted sick. It is the part of the gamete, says Anette Vittrup.

– It requires a lot of resources to get the trainees into. By far the majority, we get in the internship, are citizens who are far from the labour market. This is someone which needs to be taken in hand. Maybe they can’t speak the language or have physical or mental problems, says Anette Vittrup, HR senior partner in the diversity in the Salling Group.

According to Anette Vittrup is it not them as a company that is pushing for interns, but the local job centres, who are pushing for internships.

– It is not us who is looking for interns. It is the job centers, demand for seats, finds she.

– the Municipalities are financially pressed and have closed the municipal workshops, and then there are the only companies to send people out to. And this is where the ’boner’ we like because we are big – but it is, of course, all companies which are pressed to take more and more trainees in, ” says Anette Vittrup.