It was to many danes great disappointment, that in 2016 it was announced that Emma Josefsen and her family had chosen to withdraw from ‘Year 0’ on TV2, where the danes, since 2000, had followed the royal family closely.

Emma had got a knee injury that gave her a crack, and in addition she was suffering from stress and therefore wanted no longer to be followed by a camera crew.

on Thursday evening, returned Emma, however, back to the screen where she is in a final section of the TV2 success so back on old recordings and his time in the program. Here, we also had to know that Emma today, it is very good that she goes in 3.g at tradeschool and dream to read HA General, so she in the future can get a career in the field of economy in the companies.

Emma pulled themselves from the ‘Vintage 0’, but Thursday night she is back on the screen. Photo: TV2

Danish celebrity – 18. jan. 2020 – pm. 21:59 Forced to move

In the program tells Emma that she has often been concerned with his parents ‘ economy in the course of his childhood, and nothing can, therefore, indicate that it is, therefore, Emma’s dream of an education in economics.

– I would like to be in control of the economy. Overview and scrutiny – I like that, sounds it from Emma in the TV2 programme.

– What I take on from my childhood, is that I am very arbejdssom. I have from both my parents. Right now I have three jobs and school, and I would like to just work, save up and half a year to Australia. Then I read, she continues.

Stephanie, Mathilde, Rachel, Emma and Marie from ‘Year 0’ – season 1, shown in 2001. Photo: Per Arnesen/TV2

Since emma’s father, Poul-Erik, decided to sell the grocery store, when Emma was a child, he is not returned to the profession. Also Lene are now trying out a different career path than life as an educator.

– Lene works in a toy store in Skjern, and Poul-Erik is working in the warehouse of a manufacturing company, informs TV2 to Ekstra Bladet.

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It has not been possible to get a more in depth comment from the family, who do not want to appear more in the media.

Emma along with his parents, Poul Erik and Lene, in 2012. Photo: Jan Summer.