There was talk about an exceptionally hard crash, since the helicopter as basketball legend Kobe Bryant and eight other people were in crashed Sunday morning.

New data from the us aviation authority, NTSB, shows that the helicopter fell with the entire 609 feet per minute, before it hit a mountainside and was smashed beyond recognition.

– There are very strong forces in connection with the crash, said Jennifer Homendy from the NTSB according to the TV station CNN.

According to the talskvinden was the helicopter between six and nine meters from the not to have affected the slope of the mountain.

the NTSB will also inform in a preliminary report that the helicopter was fully intact ahead of the tough encounter with the slope of the mountain.

It suggests that the cause of the violent crash in each case not due to the parts of the helicopter have fallen apart in the air.

Photo: NTSB/ Reuters

the NTSB will also inform you, that there was installed a special system that warns of terrain, in the Sikorsky S-76B helicopter from 1991. The aviation authorities have otherwise recommended this particular an early warning system to avoid collisions with the terrain.

The last contact with the helikopterpiloten was at 09.45, where he indicated that he would increase in order to avoid a cloud cover in the area.

Picture: Mike Stone/ Reuters

the Whole area was characterised by fog on Sunday morning, and the police’s own helicopters had prohibition to light – precisely because of the poor visibility.

the Pilot Ara Zobayan was considered to be a highly-experienced pilot with about 8.200 flight hours. NTSB reported that the pilot had flown at 1250 hours on the relevant type of helicopter, which crashed in Calabasas in California.

All nine occupants were killed on the spot. Bryant’s 13-year-old daughter were in the helicopter together with two girlfriends and their parents.