The overweight Abu Abdul Bari is so bold, that he didn’t fit in the regular car, but were driven away on the back of a pickup truck – this writes a number of international media, among other things, the military magazine, Stars And Stripes.

The american media does not go out of the way to mention the overweight man as Islamic State’s very own Jabba the Hut.

Abu Abdul Bari was arrested by an iraqi Swat team in the past week in the city of Mosul, and on Thursday announced the iraqi government so that the man – who is also known as the Shifa al-Nima – had been arrested.

According to the authorities, assessed the man belonging to the terrorist group Islamic State. The man is assessed to be learned in the religious law and has issued fatwas that ordered the execution of by the other scholars, who refused to swear allegiance to the Islamic State.

the New York Post yesterday, therefore, not of the way of – in this context – to write ‘he put the fat in fatwa’.

” the Stars And Stripes describes, moreover, that the man in 2014 – as the Islamic State took Mosul – also ordered the destruction of a mosque built in the area, there is thought that the grave site of the biblical person Jonah – he who was eaten by the whale.

In Islam, it is the same Jonas is also a sacred figure with the status of a prophet.