It was a storsmilende Yasmin Mahmoud, who on Saturday night showed up on the red carpet for the TV Price by 2020.

Here she was wearing a very special dress that hides a unique story. It is created of a substance from an flygtningetelt, which has been in use.

– It is Søren Le Schmidt, who has been in a refugee camp between Syria and Jordan. He sewed this dress together with two twin sisters and a third sister. So, it is actually a tent as refugees have lived in, and the four have stitched it together, says Yasmin Mahmoud.

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the Actor, who got his breakthrough in the Channel 5 series ‘taking hostage’, is crazy proud of the fact that it is precisely her, who could be allowed to show it off. She is the sister of tv host Abdel Aziz Mahmoud, and in the family have even had war close up on life.

– It is a big honor, and it is crazy nice. My parents are refugees, so to have something on which someone has lived in, is crazy. It is also to honor them, she says.

It can also be interpreted as a political message. Is it that?

– Arj, it’s just a dress, as refugees have lived in, and it is great in itself. I think the story is crazy, I wear a piece of history right now.

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Along with John Lassen, she was among the dominant roles in the second season of ‘taking hostage’, and even though it was her first real job in the field of acting, it has opened up some doors.

– I made something when I was 12 years old, and then I made the ‘taking hostage as my first real job. I have since made something with Mr Beard, which is nominated tonight, and then I have time in a series to DR3, which is about a homosexual boy. I play his sister, so it is something I know a little, she says with a laugh.

A win in the ‘Best children’s programme’ it was not, however, to Yasmin Mahmoud and Mr Beard. The award went instead to the ‘Ultra throw out clothes’.