Danish carrier Fullrate, which sells broadband and telephony, are disappearing.

It shall notify the owner, TDC, in a press release.

the Company have 200,000 customers. It’s now being moved into the YouSee.

– We gather now both brands at YouSee, because we are one strong unit can develop even better products to our customers and provide them with the best customer experience, when they need our help.

It says Michael Moyell Juul, executive vice president in Nuuday, to Finance.dk.

YouSee and Fullrate has been a part of the same group since 2009, and today, two strong brands under the TDC Group’s customer-facing device, Nuuday.

in Order to provide customers of both brands with the best and most innovative products and solutions, put the two companies together under the YouSee.

– Both Fullrate and YouSee’s customers demand a stable and fast broadband connections, lots of data and a tv – and streamingpakke with quality content and a greater degree of choice, says Michael Moyell Juul, and adds:

– Fullrates broadband customers can rejoice that YouSee in the last 19 months in a row has won the Netflix speedindeks, and that they all get a security suite that enhances the security against viruses and hackers.

the Merger of YouSee and Fullrate will happen over the next months.

In continuation of the merger, Lars Asger Petersen, director of Fullrate, have chosen to leave the Nuuday.

Fullrates current management team will drive the Fullrate the coming months, until all customers are moved to YouSee.

Fullrate was founded in 2005 and then had a focus on making broadband simple and cheap. In 2008, the company was sold to TDC, then the Fullrate subsequently began to offer mobile broadband access, mobile telephony and tv.