Claus Dark from Ringkøbing thought that he had won a big prize of 37,500 dollars on the Odds Danish Game, but the joy lasted short.

He had got an eye on the odds, there was a little too good to be true. Here gave Bnei Nof Hagalil U19 all odds 75,00 in a football game, where they led 6-0 over Bnei Nir Ramat Hashraron U19 shortly before the time. The odds went home, and the players lacked only to get the money into their accounts.

But the odds that was set from the Danish Game turned to be a mistake from the Danish Game’s side, why all the players who had placed a bet on the rewarding fight, got their money back.

– I have claim my prize, as I am honest and quiet run through. I have paid for it, and I have won. So of course I will have my prize, says Claus Dark.

– But could you not say yourself, that there was an error, when the odds were so high, when a team led 6-0 late in the fight?

– No. I go out strong from when I’ve played, and when I won, that I get the money again. The odds inside on the Danish Game jump the up and down, depending on who they think will win. I thought that the team would win, and then I ended up with that win. So I can’t see that there should be something wrong in the, corresponds Claus Dark.

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Claus Dark shows her the ticket he had played, as he thought he had won on. Private
Confirm failure
Danish Game confirms to Ekstra Bladet, that there was a clear error in oddssætningen. At the same time, bored of the situation.

– It is clearly stated in our rules, we may terminate a bet, if there are errors in a oddssætning. The players should have known that the odds were falsely. Therefore, we have of course refunded the amount that players have deposited. It should however be obvious, that there was an error, when the odds are set so high, when a team is leading 6-0, tells Thomas Bille from the Danish Game, press to Ekstra Bladet.

– We do not on the spur of the moment, why this error occurred. We are always sad to see when such errors occur. We then, of course, at any time, that the error not occurred, but we feel we have done what we should in this situation and followed our rules, says Thomas Bille.

Claus Mørks coupon, as the players discovered it high odds.

the Danish rules are in force, and, therefore, have Claus Dark and any other players not to be able to enjoy a big win.

Claus Dark does not buy the Danish Game’s explanation, and he is to put it mildly in shock that he didn’t get his 37.500 dollars, which he thought he had won.

the Money has been deducted from my account, and I don’t think they can come afterwards and say that it was a mistake, believe Claus Dark.

the Danish rules of the game can be read via the link here.