the Chilean air force has found debris suspected to be from a military transport aircraft with 38 people on board.

the Plane crashed earlier in the week down over the remote and icy waters between south America and Antarctica.

Vragresterne was found 30 kilometers south of the place where the plane last had radio connection on Monday.

the 112 – 10. dec. 2019 – at. 04:52 Military plane with 38 aboard disappeared

the Parts should now be further investigated to determine whether they belong to a Hercules C-130 aircraft.

The brazilian ministry of defence has in a communication stated that one of its ships also have found debris and personal belongings, which probably can be traced to the plane.

They were found about 500 kilometers from the sydargentinske city of Ushuaia.

on Monday at 16.55 local time took off the Hercules plane from the sydchilenske city of Punta Arenas.

Shortly after at 18, lost the chilean air force the switch to the aircraft, which had its course towards the Antarctic.

Early on Tuesday morning concluded the air force that it had to be crashed.

– We will continue the search and hope for a better result, says general in the air force Eduardo Mosqueira, who has been at the forefront of the search.

Everything seemed otherwise to go routinely for the plane, which had 17 crew members and 21 of the passenger on board until the authorities lost contact, inform the general.

the Reason for the crash is yet unknown. The authorities have already recognized that there are small chances to find survivors.

Earlier on Wednesday sent the chilean military fighter jets to the area in an expanded search.

Tuesday was the big waves and low clouds to impede the search in Drakestr├Ždet, which is the name of it around the 1000 kilometres of wide waters between Chile and Antarctica.

Drakestr├Ždet is a huge and virtually untouched waters with depths of up to 3.5 kilometres.

Ships from Argentina and Brazil, has helped with the search.

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