recently told The D-A-D frontman Jesper Binzer in an interview with Extra Magazine, how to rock-the boys have changed the drugs and booze out with tea and books, when they are on tour.

The model is hiphopperne in Rockers By Choice in no way on.

The five original members of the groundbreaking of Amager gang ” is just now on a larger genforenings and anniversary, and here are not been drinking much tea in tourbussen.

– We give the damn still mega much gas. There is not so much changed there. We drink still drinks and fire the of in the tour bus. There is rum and cola, and walk in it. Drinks all the way. It is piss cozy. We have a big sound system and hear old school hip hop at full blast, says Lars ‘Chief One’ Pedersen to Ekstra Bladet, and continues:

– For us, it is a bit of a break, where we get a huge kick out of come out and play, but also simultaneously get a good time through with friends. Little is, however, changed. For example, we are starting to play yahtzee and all sorts of silly card games.

What is the biggest difference between then and now?

– You are much more grateful now. In the old days it took it just a little bit a matter of course and didn’t think much of it. You had nothing to compare it with. Enjoying it in a completely different way than when we were 18-19 years old.

And dagsformen fails according to the Chief One, certainly no, even though the boys have more than thirty years of experience in the luggage.

– We play better than we’ve ever done. On the professional level it is a pleasure to be on the road with the old crew with a show that can compete fully with all of the new, young, says the Chief One, and adds:

– We are not just some ringvrag, which is taken out in order to make some money. We do it to show that we still can guys the of. We have never been better.

well-Known Rockers By Choice – here are today

And the fans are, fortunately, also with the on the joke.

– in Some places people will damn well not go home when the concert is finished. So are they messing around on the floor of a breakdance-battle, and behave as if they were thirty years younger. It is mega fat, says the Chief One.

A spritnyt ‘Rockers By Choice’album should, however, not immediately reckon with.

– you know damn well never, but right now we enjoy just being out to play. I can, however, do not exclude, we are doing a song in the bus and samples the of to a concert.

Here you can experience the ‘Rockers By Choice – 2019’

9. november – S√łnderborghus, S√łnderborg.

16. november – We, Aalborg.

23. november – Amager Bio, Copenhagen, denmark.

30. november – Lima, Fredericia.

7. december – Amager Bio, Copenhagen, denmark.