Bolivia’s president, Evo Morales, will come back. It informs on Sunday night Danish time.

– I will resign my office as president, he says in a televised speech.

– Our great wish is that peace and tranquility returns in the community, says Morales, who adds that he has submitted his resignation to the parliament.

His vice president, Alvaro Garcia Linera, is resigning from his office.

Morales, who has been the Bolivian president since 2006, yesterday after three weeks of violent protests in the wake of a disputed presidential election, which the president won according to official results.

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His announcement comes after three weeks of sometimes violent protests in the aftermath of a contentious presidential elections in which Morales won according to official results.

There has been great unrest in the streets of Bolivia up to the president’s departure. Photo: CARLOS GARCIA RAWLINS / Ritzau Scanpix

A report from the Organization of American States (OAS) has, however, concluded that the initial choice was influenced by ‘clear manipulation’ of the election results.

the Development has been fast in Bolivia on Sunday, where several ministers and senior officials have resigned from their posts as the support for the Morales crumbled.

Shortly before that, Morales announced to the nation that he will resign, had the country’s army chief, Williams Kaliman, called on the president to go by.

St√łttere of the now outgoing president, Evo Morales, blokkerede Sunday, a street in La Paz. Photo: Stringer / Ritzau Scanpix

Bolivia’s opposition leader, Luis Fernando Camacho, arrived surrounded by a large crowd Sunday night local time to the presidential palace to deliver a letter to Evo Morales demanding his departure. It writes the newspaper El Deber according to the news agency dpa.