The PP of Catalonia has always been subject to the strategy of the Spanish PP, whether, broadly speaking, through opposition or collaboration with Catalan nationalism. It may have been logical from the perspective of Genoa Street but the scenario has changed. The long journey of the formation in Catalonia, which fell with the process to 3 seats in 2021, ended on Sunday with the obtaining of 15 deputies which represent, according to Alejandro Fernández, the first stone to build a “winning project.” A message that was confirmed by the spokesperson, Borja Sémper, from Madrid. “Today the PP of Catalonia is once again fundamental in the national project and in being able to reach Moncloa,” he highlighted.

Trying to reach Moncloa is, obviously, a general project and for this the Catalan seats are essential. But Alberto Núñez Feijóo knows that his involvement in Catalonia has to be different from that outlined in recent years and in fact he has begun to walk the path during this campaign. Sémper indicated the direction of moderation and progress towards the center space. And Alejandro Fernández used as a reference the result that Ciudadanos obtained in 2017, with 36 deputies. Thus, the president of the PP of Catalonia proposed the expansion of a project from right to center, but with a clear dividing line with respect to the independence movement.

The strategy will be drawn up but the Catalan PP considers that the 15 deputies in the Parliament allow it to resettle in Catalan society, to have visibility and the ability to maneuver and have a voice in Spain. Stop acting from the trench in which the process placed you. One of the most repeated phrases during the election night signaled the return of the PP to the political scene, a return, they said, beyond the circumstances, and “with more strength than ever.”

The popular ones thus claim their weight in the project of Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who, as he stated during the campaign, wants to make Catalonia his “priority land.” He said it when these 15 seats were not expected, and he entrusted himself to the results of 12-M. During these days of the campaign, and in addition to active participation in the rallies, the president of the PP has taken the opportunity to visit some neighborhoods, markets and towns without previously informing the media.

From the PP of Catalonia there was no public event yesterday. Alejandro Fernández traveled to Madrid to participate today in the meeting of the party’s executive, but to clearly define the future movements we will have to wait for the European elections of 9-J, where the candidate is Dolors Montserrat. A contest presented as a fight between Sánchez and Feijóo after the results of 23-J and the investiture of the President of the Government with the support of Junts and ERC.

In this context, the considerations made by the PP must also be interpreted, pointing out that the leader of the PSC, Salvador Illa, “will hand over the presidency” to Carles Puigdemont. Thus, the line of attack linked to the PSC with “independence” continues to be marked, which will also be a plot strategy in the European campaign.

Alejandro Fernández also refused to support Illa’s investiture if they do not break the agreements with Junts and ERC in the Catalan institutions and in Congress. And he also considered that Sánchez will “sacrifice” Illa. In line with the messages outlined on 12-M, the popular leader highlighted that the polls have determined that the Catalans do not want “more processes.”

The president of the Catalan PP spoke yesterday with Salvador Illa to congratulate him, and “congratulate each other.” According to popular sources, no possible collaboration scenario was addressed during the conversation.

On the next stage is the constitution of the Parliament and, above all, the European elections. And internally in the PP there are also issues that, although not resolved, are now on the table, among them the future of the party’s presidency. The results have also given internal strength to Alejandro Fernández.