Sunday is the year’s shortest day. But you can now look forward to brighter times.

The dark and sad time, where you go to work before the sun is risen up, and have freedom, when the sun has gone down, is heading towards an end.

the winter solstice is passed and on average days the entire three minutes and 20 seconds longer per day until towards the end of the longest day, write Illustrated Science.

– It is now, where the day is shortest and night is longest. But it starts to turn, so the days become brighter and longer, explains Janice Brødsgaard, duty officer at DMI.

The extra minutes come however, not the same. The days are getting slowly lighter and lighter, and one must, to start with, take a few seconds longer a day to thank.

Soon there will also be brighter mornings in wait. Photo: Jens Dresling

– Vejrmæssigt means the few seconds the sun is longer in the sky, not so much yet, but purely psychologically, it means a whole lot. Now we have reached the bottom, tells Janice Brødsgaard.

But the afternoon sun comes to stand for longer and longer time in the sky. That’s going to take a couple of days even before that, the extra sunlight hits the morning coffee. The longer and brighter mornings begin to increase from the 29. december.

the Reason that it is eftermiddagene, which will be longer to start with is that there is a shift of sunrise and sunset on each side of further north is orkney. It does, to the day length not waxing and waning alike or equally at each end of the day, writes TV2.

The longest day in 2020 falls 20. June, which is summer solstice.