after the krigspropaganda disguised as news, reality-tv enough the type of tv that can give me the most the urge to throw up.

I have, time and again, warned my teenage daughter – with greater or less success – that you are stupid to watch reality tv. I call it consistently for the stupid tv instead of reality tv. It is dumskab for the open screen. People who creates stupid, because it makes them famous and rich. Reality tv is extremely staged and so far from reality as you can get. It is artificial conflicts and primitive følelsesporno about unimportant topics.

Reality tv is perhaps the most visible symbol of the widespread dumhedskultur that characterizes Denmark today. I have often mickey hart, along with I will make a dumskole, where people can learn to be stupid and, especially, behave stupidly, then they can get a career in the media world.

It is not so difficult, since the current education system stifles any attempt at independent critical thinking about anything. It happened when the 13-point grading scale was replaced by the 12-point scale. After the 13-point grading scale, one should perform a self-performance to get 13. Now you just need to be good to copy in order to get top marks all the way up to and with the university. Not even on the ph.d.-level one need to think critically. You just need to be good at mathematics and statistics. All the original thinking is done before a ph.d.-flow goes in time!

Per Brændgaard is proposing to open a dumskole – see at the bottom, if you can pass. Photo: Elona Sjogren

On my dumskole students should also learn to find their own dumstil. Therefore, their own areas, where they can skimp around while the cameras follow them in their meaningless, superficial life. It actually requires a great deal of intelligence to be stupid in the way to get success in a realityprogram. My students must also learn to hide how clever they in reality are, as it will destroy their career completely, if their wisdom was revealed.

The first course on the dumskolen consists of students in a period of three months on their social media and in the public sphere can only deal with something on this list:

Tøjmode and beauty care

Workouts and strange diet plan

tours of the City, drinking and sex.

If one consists the first course, you can proceed to the second course, which is to come up with stupid comments on:

Other people (especially other people who also want to be known), f.ex.: ‘Oh, you are just delicious, man. You look like him, that the king with the new clothes!’

Personal goals and ambitions, f.ex.: ‘I have changed the surname to Kenter. My numerologist says that she once helped one or another Tommy forward by switching to the name.’

the World’s great events, f.ex.: ‘I don’t care about the war. I just want to be rich.’

Do dumskaben be with you.