A security camera in a Tesla Model X caught the moment, where a drunken man tried to break into the car and destroyed a wing mirror.

Now try owner find the perpetrator, which can be clearly seen on the video.

the Man strikes first for the wing mirror, after which he begins to tear it into pieces and scratches the car in a half-hearted attempt to break into it. The offender looks on the video appeared to be heavily intoxicated.

See the man’s insane behavior in the video above the article.

the Video was recorded 11. January in a parking garage in Long Beach, California.

the Owner of the car Stephen Richie has now published the video on Twitter, where he writes:

‘Sentry Mode caught the attention of one or another terrorizing my Model X. If you are in the Long Beach area so please help to identify the man and contact the Long Beach Police’.

It is not yet clear, whether the offender is found.