Fans of Quentin tarantino’s famous Kill Bill movie can probably look forward to, that there will be a Kill Bill: Vol 3 as the successor to the popular movie ‘Kill Bill: Vol 1’ from 2003 and ‘Kill Bill: Vol 2’ from 2004.

The first two movies had Hollywood star Uma Thurman in the lead role as the samurai-sword-wielding character ‘The Bride’. The role she must of course also play in the upcoming ‘Kill Bill: Vol 3’.

It writes multiple media including Fox News.

the News was revealed in a radio interview on the media Radio Andy

Uma Thurman armed to the teeth with both a gun and a samurai sword hanging on his back. (Photo: AP)

– I had dinner with Uma Thurman last night. We visited a cool japanese restaurant. Of course I have an idea for what I want to do with a ‘Kill Bill: Vol 3’. It was what we talked about. To get closer to a concept. What happened with ‘The Bride’ since that time. And what I want to happen?

In the first two Kill Bill movies to play Uma Thurman in the role as ‘The Bride’, a woman who wakes up from a coma with a mission to wipe out the assassins who betrayed her. Thurman received a Golden Globe award for his performance in both films.

the Radio Andy elaborates Tarantino, his thoughts on a future ‘Kill Bill: Vol 3’.

– I don’t want to just come up with one or another ridiculous adventure. It deserves the character is not.’The Bride’ has fought hard and long. I have an idea in mind, there can be interesting. However, it is not a film that needs to be done very soon. It will only be on approx. three years. But it is a project that certainly is a part of my future plans, says Tarantino.

the Reason why there will go approx. three years before Tarantino allegedly throws himself over ‘Kill Bill: Vol 3’, due to the fact that he after his last film ‘Once Upon A Time in Hollywood’, felt that there was more substance in the material he had worked with for the film. Therefore, he has written a play, and he has also written a tv series in five sections based on ‘Once Upon A Time in Hollywood’.

– At some level I have already written it, as I have to work with in the coming three years. And then I can only really go in time with a new movie, ” says Tarantino.

Quentin Tarantino is here photographed with skuespillerinderne Vivica A. Fox and Uma Thurman. (Photo: AP)