It is not more than a few months ago, that a happy Anni Fønsby to Ekstra Bladet revealed that she had found love again, and that she now formed the pair with the 53-year-old René.

Since the two moved together in a big villa in the north of Zealand, and on Thursday they came home from a romantic trip to Thailand.

Here was Anni Fønsby something of a surprise, when René suddenly went on his knees in the hotel foyer and asked if she would marry him.

– It came as a big surprise to me that my boyfriend went on his knees. It was our last day down there, and he asked if I could make myself clear, for he would have a picture down in the foyer, where there was simply so beautiful with palm trees and views out over the water. When I had made myself ready and came down, there were rose petals all over the place, and the staff welcomed us, she says to Ekstra Bladet, and continues:

– It was simply quite amazing, and it was right there, he went on his knees and asked if I would marry him. I really can’t remember so many of the sweet words, he said, for I was entirely around on the floor. But I got the most beautiful prinsessering, and I said of course yes.

According to Anni Fønsby she was very touched by the romantic courtship.

It was a few very happy minutes, and afterwards we sat with a view out over the water and enjoyed some champagne. It is the first major holiday we have had together, and it was my boyfriend’s first trip to Thailand, so it meant a lot to me, that it happened at that time and under such romantic circumstances, she says.

Anni Fønsby and René have just returned to Denmark after their holiday, and for Anni, this means that bryllupsplanlægningen now already in progress.

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– I should just get myself used to be engaged, and so we must begin to plan it all – whether it should be at home in our beautiful house, in a castle, an estate, or something else entirely. We are planning it to be next year in the spring, so we can plan it without stressing, she says and continues:

– But I am white bride, and it will be a traditional church wedding. I have not had before, so I look very much forward to, and it is a big dream coming true. Our children have agreed to be bridesmaids, and I’m really looking forward to. It will be entirely by the book.

See pictures from the large-scale courtship including:

It was decorated nicely up for the occasion. Photo: Private

the Moment was caught on camera by one at the hotel. Photo: Private

It is something of a ring as Anni now carries on his finger. Photo: Private

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Anni Fønsby because of frieriet difficult to get my arms down.

– I think never, I have been a better place in my life. It has been a rough time in the past, where there has been a lot of moving and my dad, who has been very sick, but now I’m just a really good place, and I’m so glad that my dad gets the possibility to lead me down the aisle, for just a few months ago, I was not sure how long I would have him. So it is absolutely fantastic.

– It is not a long time ago, you and René were lovers. Are you fine with the fact that it goes so fast?

– We have known each other before, we were lovers, and we are in a age now, where we are not afraid to quickly say that we are serious about our relationship. We moved too quickly, and it is gone quickly. But when you feel the love for each other, it is also important to respond to it, ” she says, and continues:

– I can’t mention a boyfriend, I’ve had it better than René, and then you also just yank on it. You don’t know how long you have here on Earth, so I did not have time to think about it, as he asked. It feels totally right, stresses Anni Fønsby.

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Marriage to René becomes not Anni Fønsbys first. From 2009-2014, she was married to Danish businessman Erik Damgaard.