In the season’s last episode of ‘Date me naked’, we meet 23-year-old Stina from Herning. She is on the hunt for drømmefyren, and it should preferably be a craftsman.

– They can use their hands, says she with a laugh.

In it something unconventional dating program has become today’s protagonist is presented with five naked bodies in three stages.

the First disclosed everything below the belt, then the torso and finally the faces. Along the way be the protagonist part with the participants, he or she does not find attractive.

As the Stina will be presented for the participants ‘ torsos, dropping her gaze immediately on a collection of dreadlocks, based on one participant’s shoulder.

You can see, there is no hair that sticks down there. No dreadlocks of a kind. What do you think, he is a type?, ask the program’s host, Ibi Støving, innocently.

Junkie, corresponds Stina questioning, provoking a raised eyebrow from the host.

Junkie? Keep shit – it rocks out, when Ibi Støving just to say, before they both break together laughing.

Danish celebrity – 18. jan. 2020 – pm. 12:06 Mathilde dropping men – for a while

the Next season of ‘Date me naked’, according to the TV2-produced at the end of January. Photo: Per Arnesen/TV2

Since both the host and the main character get picked up once again, Ibi Støving, however, creep to the cross and admit that she even asked for a response.

But okay, I asked you myself what you just thought, ” she says, and continues:

– How are you with men with long hair?

– I have not just tried to date someone with long hair, but once must be the first, says Stina.

See if Stina dare coat and takes out on a date with a long-haired guy, when the ‘Date me naked’ rolls across the screen on Monday at 20.40 on TV2 ZULU. The program can also be viewed on TV2 PLAY right now.

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