As something new becomes the danes involved, when, in the years tradition will be held Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

Viewers get a for the first time to influence which songs are ending up in the finals, to be held 7. march in the Royal Arena in Copenhagen.

Right now the gloomy nine artists in three places in the final of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2020.

They have been selected in the DR’s P4-districts of a musikfaglig jury. Hereafter, the country has been divided into three regions – North, South, and East – with three songs in each, and depending on where you live, you will be able to vote on one out of the three songs in your region of the country.

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The three songs that get the most votes in each region of the country, go directly to the finaleshowet. When the vote is over, will distriktsjuryen dish out a finale-the Wild Card to two of the songs that was not voted on.

The five songs, performing on, joins the five – as yet unpublished – numbers that have been selected in advance by a jury fagjury.

Overall, the year’s top ten artists according to DR offer both new talents and established artists, which, together with the hosts Hella Joof and paul rudd and The Antonelli Orchestra will pick Denmark to find the winner of the Danish Melody Grand Prix 7. march in the Royal Arena.

Familiar faces
In the field is more singers, as the danes have become acquainted with – among other things in the entertainment program ‘the X Factor’.

On the sangskriverfronten, there are also several repeats. Among the others are Tim Schou og Esben Svane back in the Grand Prix’s. They won the competition in 2011 with the band A Friend in London and the song ‘New Tomorrow’. This year they have to write the song ‘I wish I had known you’.

Remee is back in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. Photo: Stine Tidsvilde

the duo Remee and Chief 1 in Dansk Melodi Grand Prix again. As songwriters, they stood behind Soluna samay’s ‘Should’ve Known Better’ in 2012. In the year contributing as songwriters on the track ‘For You’.

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MieLou – ’We Could Be So Beautiful’. Text and music: Thomas Reil, Jeppe Reil, Bruce R. F. Smith, Eric Lumiere

Mie Lou – 24 years old from Valby and live in Østerbro. Mie Louise Nielsen has played piano since she began in school and is a self-taught singer. Photo: Agnete Schlichkrull

Sander Sanchez – ’Screens’. Text and music: Jonas Thander, Liam Craig and Christopher Wortley

Sander Sanchez – 23 years old from Skanderborg, denmark and lives in Copenhagen. Sander has sung and performed throughout life and do not see themselves do anything else. He has gone on Sankt Annæ Gymnasium, playing both piano and guitar, and has participated in musicals sung in a funkinspireret Big Band, appeared several times to the Aarhus festival and performed a myriad of times in the LGBTQ+community. Photo: Agnete Schlichkrull

Emil – ’I wish I had known you’. Text and music: Esben Svane, Emil Høgh Klausen, Gavyn Matthew Bailey and Tim Schou

Emil – 19 years and from Uvelse. Emil Høgh Klausen began to play music pga. his father and has written songs for as long as he can remember. He took the music course at the school, played music in high school, has been on several sangskrivercamps and volunteered in 2013 to the children’s song contest, where he was awarded the coach Esben Svane, as he now has made the song for the DMGP 2020 together with. Photo: Agnete Schlichkrull

Kenny Duerlund – ’Forget it All’. Words and music by: Henrik Tala, Mila Falls, Patrick Jean, and Kenny Elnergaard Duerlund

Kenny Duerlund – – 28 years old and from Odense. Kenny got a taste of the music, when he was at school, and starred in a musical. He then began to play the guitar and piano and have worked very hard to learn it, since he had an innate talent. Besides music, he has a big passion for acting and has starred in many musicals – bl.a. in one of the two leading roles in ’Evita’ together with Anette Heick. Photo: Agnete Schlichkrull

Jamie Talbot – ’Bye Bye Heaven’. Text and music: Tom Oehler, Hampus Eurenius and Aaron Blom.

Jamie Talbot – 31 years old and from Aalborg. Jamie comes from a musical family, and his father has played in cover bands in the entire world. Played drums from the time he was seven, began to sing in 10. class and it has been going on the guitar, and the song from high school and above, in which he has sung solo and in several bands. In 2018 was Jamie’s number two in the X-Factor. Since then he has released two tracks and he is currently working on a solo record. Photo: Private

Nick Jones – ’2 AM’. Text and music: Jon Hällgren, Lukas Hällgren, Hampus Eurenius and George Keller

Nick Jones – 27 years old and from Copenhagen. ‘ve always known that music would be his career. Nick speaks four languages and has made the theatre and played in bands in France, when he lived in Lyon. Since he studied music in Brighton in the Uk, where he subsequently played on the street to earn a living. When Nick went back to Denmark, he participated in the LIVE in the DR and came in the finals. It opened a lot of doors, and he now has his own music studio and is working on an album that will come out in 2020. Photo: Agnete Schlichkrull

SamSara – ’For You’. Text and music: Lars ’Chief 1’ Pedersen, Remee, Kwamie Liv and Sara Amalie Gerup

SamSara – 21 years old and from Roskilde. Sara Amalie Gerup was born into a family of music, and could, by his own admission singing before she could speak. She began playing the violin at the age of six and currently is her love of the femstrengede of its kind. She also plays piano and percussion and her creative school she went on a music course. Has since participated in a sangskrivercamp for the future hitmagere and is a part of the band ’Free happiness’. Photo: Agnete Schlichkrull

Søren Okholm – ’Impossible Dreamers’. Text and music: Tobias Stigaard Stenkjær, Peter Jantzen, Nanna Supriya Wedel and Søren Fynbo Okholm

Søren Okholm – 41 years old and from Odense. Søren Okholm is diplomuddannet rhythmic singer from the royal Danish academy of music in Odense. Have always played music and was in many musicals in that. He has since lived on to be the singer, musician and music teacher, where as the latter was the musical director on a wide range of musicals. Sang the chorus for ’Lighthouse X’ at Eurovision in Stockholm in 2016, which was a big experience and how he got big respect for the show. Photo: Agnete Schlichkrull

Ben + Tan – ’Yes’. Text and music: Emil Adler Lei, Jimmy Jansson and Linnea Deb

Ben + Tan – Benjamin Tsimalona Rosenbohm – 17 years and from North & Tanne Amanda Balcells – 22 years old and from Copenhagen. Benjamin has had a childhood filled with music, which developed into a great passion, but it was the film ’School of Rock’ inspired him to play guitar. He loves to perform – both as a vocalist and as a musician. For Tann, it has always been a matter of course to sing since she sang for the first time publicly in the 6. class, and it went it up for her, that you could spread this joy to others by performing for them. Both Benjamin and Tanne attended the ‘X Factor’ 2019. Tanne as a part of Oh Land’s compound pigeband Echo, which reached the semifinals, and Benjamin was number 2. Even though they’ve previously fought against each other looking, they both have to fight together to get DMGP 2020.Photo: Agnete Schlichkrull

Gustav Lützhøft, who is senior editor-in-chief for the Danish Melodi Grand Prix, says in a press release that he looks forward to, that the danes have more influence on what artists need to reach all the way in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix.

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‘Dansk Melodi Grand Prix is a big celebration, and the danes have always been a big part of the event. By in year to invite the danes as early as in the inlet to the show, we ensure that we come out in the whole country and to give the danes a better insight into the music, the artists and start a conversation about music and taste, even before we gather in front of the television’, he says, and continues:

‘at the same time, it is our hope that the new setup will help that the songs in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix 2020 there will be even more varied than in the past, so more people can see their musikinteresse reflected in the show, when we together must find the song that represent what we in Denmark holds of the cultural message and musical uniqueness.’