Academics are more than welcome to seek work, kassemedarbejdere in Coops stores such as Kvickly and Brugsen.

the Stores are in need of labor, and the Coop do not have anything against that academics may say up after a short time. It says Coops director of information, Jens Juul Nielsen.

He welcome minister for employment Peter Hummelgaards (S) position, that unemployed graduates should not feel fine to take a job in the box in the Net. It said the minister on Friday to Berlingske.

Coop, which among other things consists of Facts, Irma, Kvickly and Brugsen, missing people behind the boxes in the entire country. Therefore, to academics, according to informationsdirektøren finally search unskilled jobs in the shops.

today, we often lack local labour to sit at the checkout in a Referendum or Kvickly. So we are interested in, there are several that are looking into our industry, ” says Jens Juul Nielsen.

From Academic A-box, the largest Danish unemployment insurance fund for academics, is 6836 members currently dimittendledige. It will say that they have completed a candidate in the past year and now stand without a job.

the Coop has ample space in the shops to the almost 7000 dimittendledige, believe informationsdirektøren.

– On an annual basis we have space for them all, for we hire every year more than 6836 new employees and typically many of the unskilled jobs. It will not be any problem on a yearly basis to make room for them, ” says Jens Juul Nielsen.

He acknowledges that there is a risk that academic trained people will quickly jump on to a new job. But it is everyday for dagligvarebutikkerne.

– We are used to in our industry as unskilled and only has the job in a shorter period of time. It is a basic prerequisite, so that we can live with, ” says Jens Juul Nielsen.

It has not been possible to get a comment from the Salling Group, which owns the Net and several other stores.