today, Tuesday, it was exactly a year ago, the tv host Michèle Bellaiche, 47, and her boyfriend, Mike, came together, and it should be celebrated in a small hotel room in the Otter.

It could be an energetic Bellaiche tell the attendees of the press when she showed up at the TV Price 2020 Saturday night.

– It goes really well. It goes insanely well, she explained about the relationship.

For the time being, she looks a whole lot films in the cinema in order to prepare for the academy awards 9. February, as she covers for TV2 for the fourth time. She however takes a little break in the beginning of next week, where she will hold a lecture at the same time dictates how the anniversary should be celebrated.

the Anniversary is on Tuesday and I am going to the Otter and give a lecture. He has graciously said yes to drive me, and then staying at a small hotel in Odder, where we celebrate our etårsdag, she said, and stressed that the film is of great interest to her.

– Then there might be seen a little Netflix?

– Yes, ha ha – or something else, she said with a twinkle in his eye.

Here a year inside the relationship, the couple has no plans to move in together.

– We are not moved together, and we should not be so long as we have children living at home, she beat fast.