Even if you are a professional tennis star, so there are limits to what you can expose the ball-boys and boldpiger for.

It must be French Elliott Benchetrit true, after that he has been the protagonist of a minor scandal during the Australia Open, where the Danish Caroline Wozniacki, as you know, would like to thank after a long and glorious career.

During the weekend, kvalifikationsopgør against Dmitry Popko of Kazakhstan, as Benchetrit, incidentally, won, came the frenchman namely in-focus, when he asked a boldpige about to peel a banana for him. It writes CNN.

A desire, which neither impressed spectators or match referee, John Blom.

– Boldpigen is not your slave, and you must peel your pitch, it sounded according to Benchetrit from Blom.

Since Elliott Benchetritt ended up in something of a ‘shitstorm’ on social media, where, among other tennislegenden Martina Navratilova finds out.

‘What will be the next, grapes?’, write Czech on Twitter, where she also praises the judge for his intervention.

Elliott Benchetrit feel, however unjustly treated, and to reject clearly, that he has been disrespectful to boldpigen.

– At the post 6-5 in the final set, I asked boldpigen about to peel the banana for me under sidebyttet, because I had cream in your hands not to sweat, he explains.

She had already done it once earlier in the beginning of the match. But the second time broke hovedommeren in and said, ‘boldpigen is not your slave, and you must peel your pitch’, he says.

the Question, then, is whether the explanation to dampen the criticism against Elliott Benchetrit, as of Tuesday smoke out of the main tournament after a defeat in three sets to the japanese Yuichi they are often.

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