A policy proposal that went against the party line, meant at the weekend that the former vice-president of the Left Kristian Jensen was stripped of all its rapporteurships and udvalgsposter of movement of the Left, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.

Saturday’s shock announcement from the Left-the president came shortly after that Kristian Jensen in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten had proposed that the Left should go along with the government, the radicals and the conservatives about a big reform package on, among other tax and seniorjobordningen.

– I think that Jakob Ellemann is of the opinion that it had reached a point in the Left, where he had to cut through, and set an example, and it came so as to go in addition to Kristian Jensen.

so says former political adviser and current spin-analyst for the Extra Leaf, Mark Thorsen.

– There is something in that Kristian Jensen walks into a domain which is the president’s domain. It is here to comment on a ten-year horizon, plans with the social democrats over the middle, it is something, which is usually reserved for a writer to do.

– On the other hand, it is probably also the famous drop that got the cup to overflow (…). Now stack Kristian Jensen, then head forward, and then it was him that had carved it.

That it is just Kristian Jensen, the hammer falls over, may seem surprising. Vice-president Inger Støjberg is time and again gone solo, without that it has had no visible consequences for her.

Is there anyone in the Left who are good, and others not?

– It could well look like this. I believe that one must see it in the way that Inger Støjberg is a little more complicated to have to do.

– First, is she the, opposite Kristian Jensen, elected by the landsmødet. It is the landsmødet, who has chosen that she should be vice president, so you can’t just strip her of næstformandsposten, if you wanted it.

– The second is that Inger Støjberg with the thing, where she has been on the cross with Jakob Ellemann, not yet on the way has moved into his domain. She has not been outside to think about things, that alone is a formandsret to think about.

the Left keep the group meeting today at 9.15, and the Extra Blade follows it closely.