Melanie Brown from the girl group the Spice Girls can forget to have christmas with his daughter Madison.

It has eksmanden Stephen Belafonte got the court’s words, for, according to TMZ.

Belafonte are going to celebrate christmas in Los Angeles, where Melanie Brown is associated in the Uk, and it was the question of whether the daughter, 8 years old, was forced to sit on a plane to Europe, there was to assessment. An assessment, therefore, according to the court documents, which TMZ is in possession of, fell out to the Belafontes advantage.

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It does not mean, however, that the story necessarily stop here. Sangerindens lawyer says that she has already booked the ticket to the UNITED states to retrieve his daughter. Something Belafonte originally would have agreed – and only recently he would have changed position.

Thus, the continuation of the drama the pair from. In 2017, they chose to divorce after 10 years of marriage, and then flew the accusations through the air. Together with the application selected Melanie Brown also accused her husband of physical and mental violence, sextvang and, indeed, to have done the nursemaid pregnant.

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Stephen Belafonte hit back by accusing the kryddersilden to have a large cocaine and alcohol abuse. In the autumn it was decided that the couple should share custody.

Melanie Brown has three children. One with the dancer Jimmy Gulzar, one with actor Eddie Murphy and one with Stephen Belafonte. In 2019, made the Spice Girls comeback at a number of concerts in the Uk.