All, we are talking with in Odense, denmark, has experienced it in one degree or another.

the Hands that grope into the darkness and touches both the buttocks and breasts.

A woman tells that she has just taken a guy on the ass, but she at the same moment became aware of what she had done, and said sorry.

It is not special for Odense, for touches without the consent happens in many places, if one embarks on a dance floor.

But it is not all who perceive it as a violation – and certainly not all who say sorry.

Both women and men are becoming involuntarily affected in the nightlife, but especially women are very vulnerable, tells mandeforsker Kenneth Reinicke from RU.

– It is a play about one or another justification from the men’s side. That it’s just a little drengerøvs activity, and that they just think it is funny, or that they are not really meant anything by it, he says.

It is particularly close to the men going to town with each other, that kind of thing happens.

– Many of the udfarelser and transgression occurs when men are in groups. The boys think it is pissesjovt, and it is also being done to meritere in relation to drengegruppen, he says.

‘Me too’
One of the major movements in the field of sexual violating it, is ‘me too’-movement. It can, according to Kenneth Reinicke also have an effect on some of the men, which in the past have affected women on a whim on the dance floor or at the bar.

– Without having to overdo the effect, so I think, then, that the men qua ‘me too’, has gained insight given. I think many men think back on the fact that they have not been a part of something harassing, or whether they in any case have stood and laughed of it.

– of course There are also those who are completely cold in the ass, and who becomes indignant. The Danish response has slightly been, ‘don’t accuse all men for it here,’ he says.

Get lost in!
Should there really be something on the area, so it requires that more men are becoming ‘active bystanders’ – that is, they intervene when they see something offensive.

– where it really moves, is the day men to take action against other men. If you’re sitting four guys, and one of them says something, it’s hard to break the good mood, says Kenneth Reinicke.

But what do you think people in the nightlife really know about the issue? Extra Leaf has been on a trip in Odense’s city life, to talk with the party people on involuntary displays of affection in the city.

do you believe in Odense

Benjamin Mikkelsen, 28 years

– I think many young men think that it is fun and only learn later.

There was not much focus on it, when I was young, but the young people today are probably more aware of it, because they get more knowledge about the problems, says Benjamin Mikkelsen.

He is a bartender in Odense, and therefore he has also seen the involuntary touches in the nightlife.

I have before asked the guys to go away from the girls, because they were too intrusive. It is just easier to act, when one is professional, he says.

However, he believes that it should be the employees ‘ responsibility to make sure that people behave properly.

– the Doormen are already very aware of it, but instead to have more control on the dance floor, so we need to educate people that it is not in order, he says.

Ayla Michelle Wulffsberg, 22 years old

– It happens often. Every time I’m in the city, and several times a night, she says.

– I use often my comrades to get away. Sometimes I say something to them that makes it.

How do they respond to it?

– So they will pull away. I don’t think they are used to being confronted.

Ayla Wulffsberg goes only in the city, if she has someone she knows.

– When I’m in town, I have always been the companions with which I am comfortable with. It is deliberate that I have them with.

– I is also check, when something happens with my girlfriends, because I even know where the border is. I would even like to have help in such a situation, so therefore I am helping my girlfriends, she says.

Maja Nguyen and Maria Dencher, both 24 years

– It is no matter who does it, it is really cross-border. But it is an individual case, if you feel offended

– I have sometimes thought, if it’s even okay to say no, when I was younger, tells Maria Dencher.

She’s still hard to say, because she is afraid of how the guy reacts.

– It is clearly a thing, where I think that no matter how unfair I feel it is, I can’t be sure of how they respond, she says.

Arthur Nguyen agree that it is very individual how one reacts to being touched.

– But there are not many women who have the courage to say no.

– I think for a bit, it just is how society is built up, and women know that they should be afraid when they walk home alone, she says.

Oliver Jensen, 21 years old, and Tim Hansen, 24 years old

Oliver Jensen has not even tried to be befamlet involuntarily in the city, but he has seen it happen to friends, and in the cases, he will intervene.

– If it was a violent situation, then I would intervene. By a stranger to that maybe a little more, but I would probably do it.

– I would probably think whether the guy would turn me down, when I try to stop something that is wrong, he says.

His friend Tim Hansen, by contrast, has even been exposed to it.

– I’ve tried it three-four times, where I said something to them. So they say, I’m a prude.

– All of my girlfriends have also experienced it several times. For example, I have experienced friends say we are lovers, in order to get rid out of it, he says.

Therefore, he is aware of the problem, and he would also help strangers in the same situation.

– I would take action by a stranger also, if I could see it went over her limit. It’s all about reading the kropsproget.

– I think that when people are aggressive, so you can talk with them about it. Go out and take a smoke with them or anything, he says.