the PARK (Ekstra Bladet): Anders ’AC’ Christiansen was not as Malmö FF Wednesday night trained in the Park before Thursday’s nordic Europa League-war against FC Copenhagen.

The Danish landsholdsreserve have had problems with the stomach, and for that he should not infect others, he has been at home in Malmö.

He comes to Copenhagen on Thursday, and the swedes ‘ coach, Uwe Rösler, expect that the red-haired midtbanemand is on the pitch at PARKEN on Thursday evening.

– I think and I hope. As I know the ’AC’, he will join us tomorrow and playing, said the German coach, even called Christiansen’s health problems for a good sign for Malmö FF.

– He’s doing ‘a Behrang’, said with reference to the situation exactly one year ago, when Malmö FF were to beat Besiktas in Istanbul in order to go further in the Europa League.

at that Time it was landsholdsbacken Behrang Safari, who had problems with her stomach and, therefore, not travelled with the team to the away game in Istanbul.

He flew down on the day and was from the start, as sydsvenskerne beat the Turkish club 1-0 and went on.

Malmö FF coach may be a bit superstitious. in any case, he sees Anders Christiansen’s disease as a good sign. Photo: Lars Poulsen
the Scenario is the same for Malmö FF this time. They should win at a difficult away game to be sure to get on in the Europa League.

– We have challenges – like I am – but we have the will to overcome the challenges. We go into the match with a positive mindset.

– We have everything to gain, they have everything to lose. It is a great opportunity for us. It is in our own hands whether we need to proceed from the group. It is a great position, it sounded optimistic from Rösler, who do not used the calories to think of all possible help from the swiss Lugano.

If they get a point in Kiev will FCK and Malmö FF otherwise both be sure of advancement.

– I have learned in football that you need to focus on themselves. We do not have any influence on what happens in Kiev. We must focus on what needs to happen in the Park.

Malmö FF-captain Markus Rosenberg would have been in FCK’s situation, where a tie is enough, but was nevertheless not dissatisfied with the starting point:

– We have never been good to bet on the outcome. We perform best when we are offensive in our mindset.
a Draw is enough

FC Copenhagen are sure to advance to the 1/16-finals, which gruppevinder with just a tie against Malmö FF in the Park.

Lose the copenhageners, they may well go on, but it requires that the Dynamo Kiev not beats Lugano at home.

The Ukrainian large groups are sure to go far with a victory, while both the FCK and Malmö FF is the 1/16-finale-ready, if Kiev does not manage to defeat Lugano.

Malmö FF to win in Copenhagen in order to be sure of advancement.

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