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on Monday evening, you can follow the DR’s Anders Agger in the popular program ‘from the Inside’, where he once again takes the danes on a journey that evokes thoughts. This time, there are three women who openly and honestly tell about their lives with anorexia.

It is far from the first time, the seasoned tv host goes on a discovery tour in disturbing environments – yet he can still be surprised at what he experiences.

– I was shown into a world, which I simply thought was such, he says to Ekstra Bladet.

– I was surprised it is quite obvious that I can stand together with the three women, as you and I of course can see is severely malnourished and tortured, but they do not see it themselves.

– one of them a coach mad in all the gyms, she can get near, if not she will be stopped. I think yes, she is severely malnourished, but she can’t even see it. It is such a perceptual thing, where it just suddenly goes up to me, that they may well understand it with the brain, but they simply can’t see it. I also think it is really difficult to understand the extent of the, before you stand with them.

– I say to her, ‘when you’re standing there, what do you see?’ ‘Well, then I see a girl who weighs a little too much’, retells Anders Agger. Photo: DR

Anders Agger is by his own admission, been invited to make a programme about anorexia many times, but it is only now, he throws himself over the subject.

– I have gone without it, because I think there has been made really much about it as you are competent and with good people, he says.

the Women in the program have starved themselves for many years and is now starting to pay the price. Photo: DR

His organise, Karina Mølgaard, got him on other thoughts, after she had seen a BBC documentary on the subject and made him aware that the disease is not just something that afflicts insecure teenagers, but to the degree that it also catches adult women.

– When we eventually got in contact with the first anorexics, there was just some wild stories. One of them has lived seven-eight years with her husband and two children and has a fine life, and then just all of a sudden something goes wrong, and so is she inside a period right now where she simply can’t control it, ” says Anders Agger.

– It is indeed a mental illness, so one must be careful not to embroil themselves in all sorts of analyses of what has gone wrong, but more try to go with them and find out what it is, they do not perceive and see, even though they blatantly are bimlende sick.

the Facts: Anorexia

Anorexia is a disorder, where even induce and maintain a weight loss, because you have a distorted view of her body.

Over 90 percent of the patients are young women, but the disturbance also tend to be seen in both men and older women. It starts most frequently in the 13-25 years of age.

Typical symptoms include:

Avoidance of fattening fødeMindsket fødeindtagOverdreven physical aktivitetSelvfremkaldt vomiting or use of laxatives or diuretikaUnderernæringen causes hormonal changes, which can lead to menstruationsophør for girls and lack of development for children

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Anders Agger follows with from the sidelines. Photo: DR

‘from the Inside with Anders Agger’ can be seen Monday at 21.30 on DR2.