All of the remaining tourists on White Island are feared killed in the volcanic eruption in New Zealand.

the Probability to find survivors in the area by the volcano Whakaari is so minimal, police said in a press release, shortly before midnight local time.

emergency personnel have for hours been forced to leave the island, since, according to law-enforcement authorities have been too dangerous to stay close to the volcano.

the Action in order to save up to 27 of the remaining tourists on the island is first at midnight has been resumed. And there are indications that a group in each of the fall was trapped on the island, as the volcano roared.

the 112 – 9. dec. 2019 – at. 12:22 Police: All missing, presumed killed by the volcano

Authorities estimate that the volcano erupted at 14.11 local time. This webcan photo shows how a group goes into the crater at 14.10. Photo: GSN Science/Ritzau Scanpix

An eerie image shows namely, according to Reuters, how a group of tourists moving around in the heart of the caldera, a minute before the accident.

The 12 km high cloud of ash filled with sulphur, stone, and toxic fumes in hours prevented a rescue operation, as it has been too dangerous to send people to the island to look for survivors.

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the death toll continues at the same time the rise in New Zealand, when the volcano is Whakaari Monday afternoon erupted.

Shortly after midnight local time the rescue operation commenced.

the Police helicopter, rescue helicopters and NZDF vessels has made some overflights over the island since the eruption. Based on the information that we have, so we do not believe that there are any survivors on the island, says in a press release from the police.

they managed the emergency services to evacuate 23 people from the island, after the volcano broke out.

Five of the rescued were confirmed to have died of their injuries, while a large part of the other 18 were treated at hospitals. Several of the kv├Žstedes condition described as ‘critical’.

the foreign ministry’s Citizen service points out that there are danes among those injured.

the Plume was at its highest 12 kilometers high. Photo: GNS Science/Ritzau Scanpix