What must be described as a very ‘fresh pairs’ has been called disgusting, after they have been seen having sex on the top deck of a bus in England.

the Pair could clearly be seen to have started in a somewhat sultry lap in the back seat of the bus, which drove through Manchester.

It writes the Mirror, who have been sent the video of the witness John Dolan, who just stood and waited on a few friends, as the bus came around the corner, and he got a view of the entire show.

When he looked up from his phone, he got something of a surprise, and hastened quickly to film the event and send it to his wife.

When he discovered that the bus was on its way past a local school, he decided to throw the video online to udskamme the ‘dead’ couple.

the Spread has since gained more than 460,000 views, and there are many who are unhappy with the couple’s actions.

John Dolan talked about his own førstehåndsoplevelse.

– It was crazy. Really weird. And really just wrong. They stopped a little, but as the bus stopped, they were still in time, and they were at again, as the drove on. I cannot imagine what an old lady would think if she stood on and saw them. She would certainly fall on. I just hope that they are a couple, and wasn’t just doing it because they hoped to become well known on the net, it sounds.

the Road where the bus drove, was populated with all three schools.

John Dolan is surprised that the bus driver not spotted the pair.

– It is a little strange, he obviously has a mirror.

however, He is most shocked that the small children have been able to see a few go for it in the bus.

– There are children on the road! There is a gymnasium just off of the road, where the bus was going.

A spokesperson from the bus company has since spoken out to the Mirror.

‘We are aware of the situation, and we have informed the relevant authorities’.


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