A 73-year-old small citrus farmer had to pinch himself in the arm, as a massive police force on Friday afternoon moved into his residence on the farm in Gørløse.

29 luxury cars of the brands Lamborghini, Maserati, Mercedes, Range Rovers and BMW was towed out from the farm’s one to leave and run away.

The same was a 31-year-old man, as the Saturday dinner manufactured in grundlovsforhør closed doors at the Court in Lyngby for car theft in the alternative, the handling of stolen goods by being in possession of the cars.

– I was somewhat shocked. It is a tenant, which has had cars standing. A neat and tidy man, as the daily is an engineer (in a large well-known Danish company), explains the zealand in denmark, small citrus farmer. As consideration for the investigation is discontinued navneforbud, informs Ekstra Bladet does not the company name. The arrested person refuse guilty.

Police on Friday seized several expensive cars from an address in the north of Zealand. Video: Local Eyes

the 112 – 9. nov. 2019 – at. 09:56 the Suspicion of organized theft: Found at least twenty luxury sleds in the barn

– But my tenant is representing the man who police have arrested. He has rented an entire barn of 600 square meters, the last approximately two years. It is the barn facing the road.

– When did all the cars to get and what were you thinking about it?

– Well I actually don’t. It puzzled me too, to get all the cars out of the barn yesterday. Because we have not noticed them. Now they did not enter through the yard – but out of the way.

– So you had no idea who kept all the cars inside the barn?

– No. But I knew that it was a fritidsmekaniker, who had rented the barn. He is an engineer and working at (company name omitted, ed.).

– Where you know from, that he is an engineer?

– he has told.

– he Was what one could call a rockertype?

– No. Not at all. Very nice man.

– What he paid in rent?

– I will not say. But it was a very reasonable rent.

– If he rented it for two years, then it may well have been going on for a long time?

– No I think not, that it has. I think he until the spring rented a part out. So he just used a part of the barn for his hobby. I think, in fact, there came some cronies, as he might not have been able to manage. But I know nothing about. I have only had contact with him.

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Ekstra photographer on-site estimates that there were seized 25 stolen cars in the barn. Here are two BMW’s. Supposedly it was a GPS tracker that led police on the trail of the country estate in Gørløse. Photo: Allan Andersen

– Can you say something about the types which otherwise came in the barn?

– the Ones I have seen, people with another ethnic ancestry. They came usually in the evening. It assumed I was a natural, because my tenant was fritidsmekaniker.

– Was tenant also of a different ethnic origin?

– Yes.

Thanks for the help. Then you must take a snaps – a jordbærsnaps – so you can get you on top of the shock.

– Yes, yes, how there is so much in life. It is not always, it goes after the dead straight road. You can be astonished even in between. To something which looks orderly out, turns out not to be.

According to Mathias Arvidsen, there is efterforskningsleder by north Zealand police, several of the seized cars now for the technical studies. In relation to the stolen cars are mainly stolen in north Zealand and Copenhagen in recent months.