A case of violence filmed and put on social media has much left Rebild Municipality in northern Jutland in the swing.

on Monday of last week, met two groups of pupils from 7.-9. class from the Source and Skørping School in a mass brawl. They had planned to meet to fight, and it would appear to be quarreling over a girl, which led to the two groups took their fists in use.

the Municipality’s mayor can’t even remember such a violent case among school-age children.

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– Now I fill the soon 59 years old, but I strictly speaking well borne in mind that such a thing could happen, since I was a child. But here there were many involved, it seems very violently.

– I have understood it, as it was planned, and that there was not only folded once to each other. It was more bulky than it is, with regard to beats, says Leon Sebbelin (R), who stresses that he never even have been involved in a brawl.

the Students met outside school hours, and in the video it can be seen clearly, that several boys turn to each other. One of the boys gets an elbow pressed in the back, while more boys are works around and pressed up against a tree.

the Conflict had been started over the social media, where they agreed to meet for a fight.

Leon Sebbelin believe, however, that the as municipality has done something wrong, since the violent clashes was not able to be stopped, before it happened.

– I think it would be difficult. To my knowledge, there has not been any småslagsmål as the prelude. It has emerged as something we have not experienced before, ” says Leon Sebbelin.

the Municipality and especially the schools involved are therefore in full swing with the follow-up work, in terms of both the children and the parents.

– It is both concrete and general, and how you are together, both on the net and physically, tells Leon Sebbelin.

the Extra Leaf has been in contact with the North jutland Police. They have given the young students, who are implicated in the case, no more information about the case until they are finished to investigate.

They can therefore not comment on what those involved can stand up to the punishment, or whether the case was reported to the police or whether the police themselves chose to go into the matter.

the Police expect, that there still is some weeks before they can finish the investigation.