Monkey-pig or griseabe.

What do you call a pig, which contains stem cells from monkeys?

A team of chinese researchers has just managed to create two pigs, where a small part of their cells comes from the Java-monkeys – a primate in the genus macaques, writes New Scientist according to the

The newborn griseaber is also called ‘chimeras’, which in the field of genetics is individuals, consisting of a mixture of cells from two or more different befrugtninger.

– This is the first report on the gave birth to the pig-ape chimeras, says the lead author on the study, ph.d. Hai Tang to the New Scientist according to the

He was a researcher at the State Key Laboratory of Stam Cell and Reproductive Biology in Beijing, China.

In the study took the researchers some of the Java monkey’s cells and cultured them in a culture, so as to produce a fluorescent protein called GFP. On the way, scientists could keep an eye on the cells.

the Researchers selected so embryonic stem cells from the genredigerede cells and sprayed them into the pigs-the embryo (the earliest stage of an embryo five days after fertilization.

More than 4,000 embryos were implanted in the lakes.

Ten piglets were born, two of which were chimeras with monkey cells. All the pigs died, however, within a week – the reason for this is still unclear to the researchers.

The two chimeric pattegrises the tissues of the heart, lung, liver, spleen, and skin consisted partly of monkey cells, but the proportion was low: Only about one out of 1,000-10,000 of pig cells was monkey cells.

the Researchers are now trying to create healthier animals with a higher proportion of monkey cells, but it is not certain to succeed.

– From the really low kimæriske effect and the mortality of all animals, I see this here as is reasonably disheartening, says stamcellebiolog and professor Paul Knoepfler from the University of California to the New Scientist according to the

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