Francis Jeffers should have been for Arsenal what Wayne Rooney was Manchester United, when he went from Everton to Arsenal. How it went, as you know, not. The former stortalent have now been sentenced for threats against his estranged wife.

It writes the Mirror.

The former Arsenal player warned his former partner for 20 years that she would end up ‘in a coffin’, after he had seen her in company with another man. Jeffers and his wife have only been separated for years, after ten years of marriage. They are now about to conclude their divorce.

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She contacted police in June with the troubling messages, and the indictment report that the messages were sent via WhatsApp with strong allusions to the fact that her life was over, and she would end up in a coffin.

Jeffers, who today is the youth coach at Everton, has pleaded guilty and is everything to having to pay about 6300 dollars in fines and court costs.

in Addition to the fine is the former English striker has been granted a restraining order against the ex-wife, he must not, therefore, seek out her in the next 12 months.

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