What a show or freakshow maybe.

Boksekampen between Youtuberne KSI and Logan Paul at the Staples Center, Los Angeles was a huge bestseller both in the physical world, but just as much in cyberspace, where it has been identified as one of the largest events on the internet ever.

The two had met each other once before where it had ended in a tie, and up to the new fight, the two teased, mocked and chopped at each other.

Trashtalk, there has been enough of. Photo: Tom Jacobs/Ritzau Scanpix

This time it was without helmets, which made it less entertaining.

Logan Paul was fa,t and in the straight fight he had a little use. But then came the drama.

In the fourth round, he was deducted two points for hitting the KSI, which was on the road in the canvas.

KSI ended up winning on points, and Logan Paul would have unbiased to look at the rating.

That does not, however, a third fight after the match admitted Logan Paul, that their rivalry had been playing to the gallery.

– You also had my respect before that. I can say nasty things, but it is only for the show. It is only in order to sell the event, mate, said Paul after the match.

So much for the showdown …

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